Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Fame When You're Deaf

Last Friday night, Nile DiMarco won America's Next Top Model.
Later I read a blog about how no one in the industry of promoting a person to fame - hearing dominated - has done any interviews with Nile. It's only Tuesday so maybe we can hope.

But I want to put out there that the hearing world seems to shun any efforts when it comes to giving the Deaf equal access if they have to hire interpreters.  Here's an example from my own life.

Since I'm a hearing mom of a Deaf son, I had a reporter call me and tell me one time that he'd like to interview my son who is a BASE jumper. I gave the guy my son's number to text and explained that's just what he'd have to do to communicate with Shaun. Did he do it? No! Probably would take too much effort! He wanted to interview me! In the past I would have fallen for this because of my paternalistic nature. Not this time! I told him that would be wrong of me to do! Shaun never heard from him. See this video http://youtu.be/6NgPND8gUOI

Now if Nile doesn't get much attention from the hearing world, it won't surprise me! They want to put their head in the sand about AUDISM. Can you believe that no dictionary has that word in it and it's been around nearly 40 years?!!!!!! You can only find the definition on Wikipedia other than in Deaf publications! That in itself is totally AUDISTIC!